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Intercultural workshops & consultancy for global business

For over 12 years Jacaranda Training has delivered specialized  intercultural training to some of the world’s top companies. Its country or region specific workshops are designed to be practical, hands-on and in-depth learning experiences that enable participants to predict and adapt to the behaviours of their partners in cross-cultural business situations such as Negotiations, People Management, Meetings and Presentations. All its workshops are designed, from the start, to deliver real benefits to the customer’s bottom line.

Insensitivity by expatriate management

What Makes Jacaranda so Effective?

Let one of our blue chip, multinational customers answer:

 ‘Most cultural awareness course are fun but lack the structure to help you design your customer approaches and campaigns – Jacaranda has given me tangible bottom line benefits.’


Jacaranda’s specialized intercultural training provides several extra important dimensions to general Intercultural Awareness Training. Firstly, its Managing Director, Brian Howe, has created a unique and highly practical management tool, the Jacaranda Culture Matrix, which allows managers to predict the likely areas of cultural conflict; adapt to the behaviours of their partners in cross-cultural situations; and plan their customer campaigns. Secondly, they are experts in understanding and recreating customer scenarios in the learning environment. 

Some features of Jacaranda’s training:

  • In-depth analysis of the behaviours, thinking processes and preferred business models of the target culture and the potential impacts that these may have at the interface with the customer’s own culture.

  • Structured approach to delivering real bottom line benefits to the customer by moving from the fullest possible understanding of the customer’s business needs at the interface with the target culture to company and personal action plans for effective cultural adaptation.

  • Emphasis on Learning by Doing: putting participants into highly realistic simulations based, as closely as possible, on the customer’s actual business scenarios.

  • Training to use the Jacaranda Culture Matrix that can be applied to any culture.

  • The presence throughout the workshop of a Trainer who is a native of the target culture and works alongside the Lead Trainer to deliver the fullest possible illustration, explanation and simulation of the behaviours of the target culture.