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Jacaranda Celebrates 10 Years of Successful Intercultural Training for Rolls-Royce
27th November 2009
When, in June, Jacaranda delivered its bi-annual cross-cultural programme ‘Conducting Business Effectively in an International Environment’ to a group of top executives from China’s aviation industry, it marked ten years of successful delivery of a wide range of intercultural training programmes for one of the UK’s top companies. Rolls-Royce is the second largest producer of aero engine worldwide and as such has employees, customers, suppliers and partners all over the world. The need to communicate effectively across its many cultural interfaces has been an important aspect of the company’s training strategy. Jacaranda has delivered the majority of such courses over the last ten years including country specific, skills specific and mission specific programmes tailor-made for the special requirements of Rolls-Royce
Transporting your Message Internationally: Jacaranda's MD delivers keynote speech at Norbert Dentressangle Transport Annual Convention in Paris
15th May 2008
Jacaranda Group's MD, Brian Howe, delivered the keynote speech at Norbert Dentressangle Transport's annual convention in Paris on March 28th. Entitled 'Transporting your Message Internationally', it focussed the four hundred delegates attention on the importance of good cross-cultural communication in delivering of the synergies available in the company's recent acquisitions in the UK and elsewhere. With the recent acquisition of the UK's Christian Salvesen, 46% of the parent company's turnover now comes from operations outside France. This is likely to grow in the future. As a globalising company GND knows the importance of delivering excellence in communication both within its company and with its suppliers and customers worldwide.
Jacaranda works with Groupe Norbert Dentressangle and Christian Salvesen to create a New Force in European Transport & Logistics
14th May 2008
In November 2007, the Jacaranda Group was selected by the Group Norbert Dentressangle to provide the intercultural training component of its 2008 takeover of Christian Salvesen, one of the UK's premier transport and logistics companies. Working at every management level from Board to Middle Management, Jacaranda was tasked to prepare both the French and British management teams for effective communication with each other in the new company. In a series of workshops focussed on the transport and logistics industries, participants were exposed to both the commonalities and the differences between French and British thinking processes, management systems and communication styles. In the critical period of corporate change during mergers and acquisitions, it is vital that managements can focus on the issues rather than become bogged down in problems of communication. As Brian Howe, Jacaranda's MD explained, ' Every excellent business plan must contain an excellent people plan if it is to succeed.' Jacaranda's contribution to the development of the synergies generated by the takeover has been very well received on both sides of the equation. We wish GND's new venture every success in the future.
China Matters - A Dynamic & Practical Intercultural Workshop to Help You to work Successfully with the Chinese - London - November 30th 2007
10th October 2007
Following its highly successful China workshops for UKTI Eastern Region last year, Jacaranda Group is pleased to announce China Matters. Run by UKTI London in conjunction with Jacaranda's partner Events Matter Ltd, the workshop will be delivered by Brian Howe, Jacaranda's MD and Dr Lu Zhao Hua. Sponsored by Grant Thornton, China Matters will take place at their prestigious London conference suite at 30, Finsbury Square on November 30th 2007. The workshop is designed to help delegates to understand what is really going on beneath the surface behaviours when they are working with the Chinese. The focus is on understanding and adapting to the powerful cultural forces that drive the Chinese both as individuals and groups. Among many topics of relevance, negotiating with the Chinese and managing effectively in a Chinese environment and at the Anglo-Chinese interface will be prominent. Places are limited. For further information and to book a place, please contact Julie Leggett or David Oliver at Events Matter: Tel: 01702 477894. Email: julie.leggett@eventsmatter.com.
Working with Chinese Culture' Workshops Scored as Excellent by the Delegates
3rd January 2007
Feedback and evaluations from the delegates to the latest 'Working with Chinese Culture' workshop in Cambridge on November 30th scored the event at 92% of the maximum points available. Sponsored by UK Trade and Investment, organised by Events Matter and delivered by Brian Howe and Dr Lu Zhao Hua of the Jacaranda Group, the event was attended by 26 delegates from businesses across the UK. Here are some of their comments:

"An excellent workshop. Interesting content, strong clear delivery. Chinese lunch was a nice touch. Thank you!"

"I found the course well planned and focused. Content was excellent. Presentation was very good."

"A highly informative and entertaining course."

"Pertinent and excellent content and knowledge."

The 'Working with Chinese Culture' workshop is designed to to be fast moving, practical and useful to businesses, organisations and individuals who are either already working with China or who are considering entering the world's fastest growing economy. For more information and online booking for further events please contact: julie.leggett@eventsmatter.com or UK trade and Investment at http://www.uktradeinvest.gov.uk
Jacaranda Launches its First open 'Working with Chinese Culture' Event - Cambridge 28th September 2006
4th October 2006
In conjunction with Events Matter and supported by UK Trade and Investment, the China Britain Business Council and East of England International, The Jacaranda Group launched its first open, cross-cultural business programme for the benefit of businesses and organisations in East Anglia. The programme took place in Cambridge on September 28th and covered topics such as Chinese Thinking, Managing the Anglo:Chinese interface and Negotiating with the Chinese. Lead by Brian Howe, Founder and MD of the Jacaranda Group, and Dr Lu Zhao Hua, Jacaranda's China Associate, the one-day workshop was designed to be fast moving, practical and useful to businesses, organisations and individuals who are either already working with China or who are considering entering the world's fastest growing economy. For more information and online booking for further events please contact julie.leggett@eventsmatter.com or UK trade and Investment at http://www.uktradeinvest.gov.uk"
Jacaranda's MD Presents the Jacaranda Culture Matrix at PON-Harvard Conference in Paris
4th October 2006
Jacaranda's MD, Brian Howe, presented a paper on the Jacaranda Culture Matrix at the PON Harvard -IRENE conference in Paris on November 15th. The Culture Matrix is a tool developed by Brian Howe to identify key cultural and behavioural differences between business cultures worldwide and to allow business people to predict and, if necessary, adapt to such differences. The PON-IRENE conference was entitled 'New Trends in Negotiating Teaching: Toward a Trans-Atlantic Network' and was hosted by the Programme on Negotiation at the Harvard Law School and the Essec-Irene research organisation.
Jacaranda Launches its Latest Version of 'Focus on India'
12th February 2006
As India and China continue their unrelenting progess towards 21st century economic superpower status, the demand for Jacaranda's intensive 2-day programmes for both these business cultures has increased dramatically. The latest upgrade of our 'Focus on India' programme launched in January and February 2006 has received excellent feedback from our customer base. Combining highly focussed analysis of the Indian business culture, its behaviours, attitudes and strategies with an overview of India's political, social and economic development, 'Focus on India' is set to be one of our major growth workshops for this year. For more information contact mail@jacarandagroup.co.uk
ERP Project Group Kick-Off Workshop in Paris
17th May 2005
Jacaranda was commissioned by one of its French customers to create and run a 3 day kick-off programme for a high level project team gathered from all corners of the company's global operations. The project which is planned to last for four years had to get off to a good start where each participant not only understood the communication cultures of each other but also had the opportunity to establish closer relationships with the other team members 'off-line'. Jacaranda provided four trainers for the programme working sometimes in parallel and sometimes as members of the plenary sessions.

On the final day, the spouses of the project group members joined the programme for a briefing on working and living in France. The programme concluded with a wonderful evening on the company's very own 'bateau mouche' on the River Seine.
Size Matters - New Study Throws Light on Links between Biology and Culture
17th May 2005
New research from the UK's University of Southampton and Finland's National Public Health Institute suggest that every additional kilogram of weight at birth gives males in those countries an additional 40% chance of marrying.

Undertaken with a sample of over 5,000 men in the UK and Finland, the results show that men who remained single were not only smaller at birth but that their height at the age of 15 was 2cms less than those who married.

The study would seem to confirm that culture and biology are intimately interrelated with complex feedback systems not just in terms of emotional responses but also in the fundamental terms of social selection.'Big is dependable' or 'Slim is Attractive' are just two examples of bio-cultural paradigms that have evolved over ages of cultural evolution and which combine the complex needs of protection, procreation and social acceptability.

Of course, the Anglo-Finnish study provides average figures only. A typical distribution curve would no doubt throw up significant exceptions to its findings. We all know that Napoleon was diminutive. Charles Darwin was also small. With cases such as these, personality is clearly also another large factor in the bio-cultural equation.

In terms of business and politics, leadership does often seem to come in large sizes. Perhaps there is a theme for some future Phd thesis here? Comparisons between the size and girth of Europe's Top 500 CEOs compared with those of the normal population. That is, of course, if such high flying personages would put up with the indignity of trial by tape measure in any place other than their bespoke tailors.
Expat Survey Shows Weaknesses in Employee Cross-Border Support
17th May 2005
In a report recently published by CIEB, a division of CIGNA, the US insurance group, a survey of mainly US and UK expatriates showed that only 32% thought they had been well prepared for their expatriation. 42% felt that the support received was below what they had expected.

Based on a survey of 445 expatriated employees and a separate study of 143 HR executives, the report found a 'significant gap between employer and employee levels of satisfaction'.

Another statistic thrown up by the report is that 20% of expatriates surveyed returned home early, a figure which corresponds with earlier studies carried out in this area. On the employer side, 21% of HR managers surveyed say they lose between 25% and 49% of their expatriates within two years of returning home. Reasons given include poor selection of candidates for expatriation, inadequate cross-cultural sensitization and preparation and poor repatriation processes. But perhaps the main reason for the loss of returning expatriates is the perceived lack of recognition for their experience abroad.

For a full copy of the survey contact: Sharon Moore, CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits (CIEB) PO Box 15050, Wilmington DE 19850-5050 USA
e-mail sharon.moore3@cigna.com
Credit Line adopted by China's Leading E-Learning Provider
17th May 2005
Opera Multimedia and Multimedia Initiatives, Jacaranda's publishing arm, are happy to announce a new strategic partnership with Go4it Technology, China's leading e-learning provider. The new alliance will bring Credit Line - the banking and finance training programme created by MMI and further developed by Opera Multimedia - to the rapidly expanding Chinese financial markets. Ying Shea, Go4it Technology's CEO, said,"We believe that "Credit Line" is the right product at the right time. With China's accession to the WTO the financial services sector will be significantly impacted by global competition. This product fills a void in the market as it is the only professional English language programme available in the online format with such well integrated content and systematic progression in proficiency focussed on the needs of the financial industry.
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