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Jacaranda consultancy services are designed to help you turn your international business plans into effective human operations. We start by working with you to identify specific objectives for your company's international future. It may be to help to analyse the key cultural issues in an upcoming merger or to create options for post-merger integration. Or it may be to help solve a specific culture problem e.g. a dysfunctional project group team. Whatever the need, Jacaranda consultants will work with you to understand the issues and to recommend a cost effective solution ranging from group training programmes to individual coaching.


The Jacaranda Workshop Programmes

Jacaranda's range of in-company workshops is wide ranging and constantly being expanded and improved. The workshops can be divided into five main types:

1  Intercultural Sensitization Workshops

Workshops preparing participants for the general experience of working at the interface with other cultures. May be adapted to focus on a cluster of cultures or specific regions e.g. S.E. Asia


  • Meeting the World
  • Culture Challenge  (4 Cultures)
  • Expatriation Workshop  
  • Managing Across Borders

2  Country Specific Intercultural Workshops

Workshops focusing on the business cultures of specific national cultures and that include trainers native to these Cultures


  • Working with India
  • Working with China
  • Working with Japan  
  • Working with the USA

3  Region Specific Intercultural Workshops

Workshops focusing on the business cultures of specific regions and that include a trainer native to at least one of the Cultures in the Region


  • Working with the Middle East
  • Working with Eastern & Central Europe
  • Working with the Anglo-Saxons

4  International Skills Workshops 

Workshops focusing on specific cross-cultural communication skills e.g. negotiation, team building, meetings and presentations


  • Effective Cross-Cultural Presenter 
  • Effective Cross-Cultural Negotiator 
  • Negotiating with the Americans /  French / Japanese / Chinese (and others)
  • Multicultural Team Building

5  Mission Specific Intercultural Workshops

We have a long experience of working closely with the customer to analyse their working scenarios and needs, resulting in the highly customized workshops of which Jacaranda is justly proud. Participants are put into highly realistic simulations based, as closely as possible, on the customer’s actual business scenarios.


  • Working with our Asian Partners
  • Working with our French Partner
  • Working together on the… Project